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With Much Appreciation

created Jun 28, 2018 10:59 AM

by Nancy McTygue, Executive Director

Earlier this month, we met with two groups of teachers from the Central Valley to talk about California’s History-Social Science Framework.  We met first with teachers from Kern High School District (in Bakersfield), who travelled to Davis June 7 and 8 to continue their month-long curriculum development project.  We met with the second group in Fresno last week, as part of Fresno State's REACHABLE grant, a program for both teachers and students of US History and Government.  I very much enjoyed working with both of groups of teachers – they are dedicated, smart, collegial, and eager to try out and adapt some of the ideas we outlined in the Framework – all in service of their students.

I’ve been thinking a lot about those teachers recently, in part because they remind me of the thousands of teachers we’ve met over the last 18 months, as we traversed the state with our colleagues to introduce the new Framework to communities across California. Beginning in January of 2017, a team of more than 40 practicing teachers, teacher educators, and scholars came together to offer classroom teachers strategies, resources, and advice as they began their investigation of the new Framework.  This team included leaders from each of our disciplines who shared their deep content knowledge and vast teaching experience for the benefit of our state’s teachers and students.  Our sites were well represented too – often presenting with their colleagues from local schools and county offices of education.  (Scroll to the end of this blog for a full roster of presenters, as well as a list of conference locations).

rolloutpresenters1This talented and energetic team of professionals willingly left their homes, their work, and their families to engage with teachers across California - to share their expertise and listen to what teachers were saying about their document, their schools, and their students.  And what we heard over and over again was that teachers were excited about the new Framework and they were deeply grateful for the team’s willingness to share their expertise, but they were concerned about how they ever were going to get the time and resources necessary to successfully implement it in their own classrooms.

And so, while I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank our team of presenters for their hard work, willingness to travel, collegiality and community, I also want to remind us all that our work is not yet done.  Now that we’ve introduced and explained it, our next challenge is to help teachers put the document into practice in their classrooms.  And to do that, we’ll focus on the development of resources (through our exciting partnership with the California Historical Society  - more to come on that in a subsequent post) and extended professional learning, both at our local sites and with our district- and county-office partners.  We’ll try to better understand how best to advance and refine the Framework’s instructional shifts to meet the needs of a diverse student body. 

We’ll share more news about this next phase of support as soon as we can, but for now, let me extend my most sincere and deep appreciation for the thousands of teachers who came out to our conferences, who told us about their continuing efforts to help their students learn, and sometimes laughed our lame jokes.  Let me first start by thanking my good friend Bill Honig, whose leadership on the Instructional Quality Commission was absolutely integral to the completion and adoption of the Framework. I also want to thank the CHSSP Statewide Office team, who tirelessly researched possible conference locations, anguished over parking fees and box lunch options, packed more than 3000 individual totebags, and made sure everyone – participant and presenter – felt welcome and supported:  Beth Slutsky, Rosemary Renteria, Stephanie Magallanes, Shennan Hutton, Tuyen Tran, and Shelley Brooks.  Similarly, I want to thank Michelle Herczog and Yvonne Contreras from LACOE, who worked with CCSESA leadership to host the nine county office conferences.  I want to thank Tom Adams, Stephanie Gregson, Kristen Cruz-Allen, Janet Mann, Ken McDonald, and Letty Kraus for the CDE’s ongoing support of the rollout – and the work of the CHSSP across California.  And I want to thank the entire statewide network of CHSSP site leadership – people who volunteered their time, talents, and energy to design, present, and refine their sessions for the benefit of teachers, despite their multiple responsibilities and deadlines back at their campuses.

And let me conclude by publicly recognizing the people who made this first phase of Framework rollout possible – the teachers, teacher educators, scholars, and CHSSP staff who made up our team of presenters, advocates, and good friends.  I owe you one (or two or three…)

HSS Framework Rollout Presentation Team

  • Tom Adams (California Department of Education)
  • Christina Arpante (Oakland Unified)
  • Gay Atmajian (Tulare COE)
  • Kate Bowen (Davis Joint Unified)
  • Shelley Brooks (CHSSP)
  • Jennifer Brouhard (Oakland Unified)
  • Maria Chairez (Yolo COE)
  • Jim Charkins (California Council for Economics Education)
  • Yvonne Contreras (Los Angeles COE)
  • Kristen Cruz-Allen (California Department of Education)
  • Daniel Diaz (UCLA History-Geography Project, CHSSP)
  • Jennifer Elemen (Monterey COE)
  • Stephanie Enriquez (Ventura COE)
  • Nicole Gilbertson (UCI History Project, CHSSP)
  • Phyllis Goldsmith, (UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project, CHSSP)
  • Dave Gordon (Sacramento COE)
  • Stacey Greer (UC Davis History Project, CHSSP)
  • Stephanie Gregson (California Department of Education)
  • Matt Hayes (San Diego COE)
  • Michelle Herczog (Los Angeles COE)
  • Thomas Herman (California Geographic Alliance)
  • Emma Hipolito (UCLA)
  • Bill Honig (Instructional Quality Commission)
  • Julie Hull (Orange County Department of Education)
  • Damon Huss (Constitutional Rights Foundation)
  • Lisa Hutton (CSU Dominguez Hills History Project, CHSSP)
  • Shennan Hutton (CHSSP)
  • Letty Kraus (California Department of Education)
  • Darlene Lee (Los Angeles COE)
  • Grace Lieberman (Environmental Roundtable)
  • Jerry Lieberman (Environmental Roundtable)
  • Janet Mann (California Department of Education)
  • Cindy Mata (UCLA History-Geography Project, CHSSP)
  • Ken McDonald (California Department of Education)
  • Josh Mitton (California Council for Economics Education)
  • Frank Pisi (Sacramento COE)
  • Rachel Reinhard (UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project, CHSSP)
  • Don Romesburg (Sonoma State University)
  • Wendy Rouse (San Jose State University)
  • Emily Schell (California Global Education Project)
  • Beth Slutsky (CHSSP)
  • Susan Smith (Riverside COE)
  • Molly Snider (Mendocino COE)
  • Tuyen Tran (CHSSP)
  • Rob Vicario (Irvine USD)
  • Jacqueline Washington (Newport Mesa USD)
  • Tracy Wilson (Placer COE)

 CHSSP Hosted Framework Rollout Conferences

  • UC Davis (January 2017)
  • CSU Long Beach (March 2017)
  • UC Irvine (April 2017)
  • Santa Clara County Office of Education (September 2017)
  • Cal Poly Pomona (October 2017)
  • CSU East Bay (December 2017)
  • CSU Fresno (January 2017)
  • Riverside Convention Center (April 2018)
  • Sonoma State (May 2018)
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