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History-Social Science in Elementary School

Parents: Here's What Your Children Study in Grades K-5

History-Social Science Education in grades K-4 in California is intentionally designed to build off of a student’s sense of their own place in the world.  Beginning in kindergarten, the student learns about their community with them at the center of it, and their world is very concrete.  As students move through the primary grades, their world becomes ever larger and more abstract, culminating in fourth grade with students learning about their place in California’s history.  The following grade-level descriptions are intended to provide a brief overview of what kinds of history-social science topics students learn in their grades, and to offer a few ideas of activities that align with their grade-level goals.

A note about state-adopted documents that inform instruction: There are many state-adopted documents that inform history-social science education in California.  The most recently adopted History-Social Science Framework reflects the History-Social Science Content Standards, the Common Core State Standards, and the English Language Arts and Development Standards and Framework.  When you see numbers listed below (2.1, for example) it refers to the grade level and content standard number (second grade, first standard, for example).