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History-Social Science in Eleventh Grade

Parents - what your child is expected to learn in eleventh grade

What You Need to Know:

In eleventh grade, students examine major developments and turning points in U.S. history from the late nineteenth century to the present. This was a period when the nation experienced significant economic, political, and social transformations, which created incredible benefits as well as new challenges for its people. Given the breadth of content addressed throughout eleventh grade, teachers often approach the span of modern American history by relying upon the guiding questions and key themes that unite the material. This strategy allows some topics to be developed in greater or lesser detail, provided that they connect to broader questions of the course. Four themes that organize the eleventh-grade chronology are 1) the expanding role of the federal government; 2) changes in racial, ethnic, and gender dynamics in American society; 3) the U.S. as a major world power; and 4) the evolving definition of American citizenship and freedom.  Some of the questions that students consider in eleventh grade are:

  • How did the federal government grow between the late nineteenth and twenty-first centuries?
  • How did the United States become a superpower?
  • How did the United States’ population become more diverse over the twentieth century?

Between April and June:

Between April and June, eleventh-grade students might:

  • Look through this set of sources about how civil rights struggles in California built off of one another (11.10).
  • Look through this set of sources about the development of the women’s suffrage movement, with an emphasis on California’s campaign for the vote (11.2).
  • Learn about the factors that led to the end of the Cold War
  • Study these sources about the impact of McCarthyism upon political dialogue.
  • Do a research project in which they choose a topic of importance today – whether an environmental, health, civil rights, political topic- and trace the historical roots of the topic.

Lessons and Source Sets:

Founding of the US (11th grade lesson)
Immigration to the US (11th grade primary source set)
US in WWI (11th grade primary source set)
Rise of the US (11th grade primary source set)
Women's Suffrage (11th grade primary source set)
The 1920s (11th grade primary source set)
The Great Depression (11th grade primary source set)
The Cold War (10th and 11th grade multi-lesson unit)
McCarthyism (11th grade lesson)
Civil Rights (11th grade primary source set)
Civil Rights - MLK (11th grade lesson)
Civil Rights Movements (11th grade primary source set)