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History-Social Science in High School

Parents - what your child is expected to learn in grades 10-12

High-school history social science courses consist of a ninth grade elective course (that often includes ethnic studies, geography, or related social science), a tenth-grade modern world history course, an eleventh-grade modern United States history course, a twelfth-grade government course (one semester), and a twelfth-grade economics course (one semester).  Much of the content students study in high school helps them to understand why their world, country, and communities changed the way they did over the past two hundred years.  The chronology, content, and skills of high-school history social science courses teach students not only to understand the past on its own terms, but to understand how the subject matter itself is constructed.  For this reason, students spend a great deal of time learning to read primary documents, comparing many of them, and synthesizing the material to make arguments about topics of significance.  These activities take a great deal of time, but they can build upon students’ own interests in topics and questions. 

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