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History-Social Science in Middle School

Parents - what your child is expected to learn in grades 6-8

Grade 6-8 Introduction:

History-Social Science in the middle grades expands considerably in complexity, chronology, and geography from elementary school.  In sixth and seventh grades, for the first time, students study world history starting from early human history, extending through ancient times.  In seventh grade, students learn world history during the medieval, pre-modern, and early-modern eras.  World history in sixth and seventh grade has a much more global reach and less of a western civilization or euro-centric approach.  Geography, maps, case studies, and exchanges help students learn important skills like understanding causality, historical context, and contingency.  At the end of middle school, in eighth grade, students pick up chronologically in the same time period that they left on in seventh grade, but they focus on North American history.  Eighth-grade students learn about the years in American history from the American Revolution through the end of the nineteenth, beginning of the twentieth century.  Taken in their entire entirety, history-social science in the middle-school years contain essential, but admittedly tough material for students to analyze.  For that reason, learning to read historical documents closely is an essential skill that cannot be practiced enough.