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History-Social Science in Twelfth Grade Economics

Parents - what your child is expected to learn in twelfth grade economics

What You Need to Know:

Students in twelfth-grade economics examine the financial choices they make and explore how these choices have consequences that ripple across the world. They also study the forces that can constrain those choices and impose costs on economic decisions. Students learn fundamental economic concepts like cost-benefit analysis through investigative questions that often put them at the center as consumers or producers.  Financial literacy, in which students learn to understand themselves as owners of student debt, car loans, bank accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, etc., is an important part of making economics concrete for twelfth grade students.  Some of the questions that students consider in economics are:

  • How is economics about scarcity, investment, growth, employment, competition, protection, entrepreneurship, and markets?
  • What does it mean to be financially literate?
  • How do worldwide markets affect me?

Between April and June:

Between April and June, twelfth-grade economics students might:

Lessons and Source Sets:

Globalization (12th grade economics primary source set)