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History-Social Science in Fifth Grade

Parents - what your child is expected to learn in fifth grade

What You Need to Know:

Fifth-grade history-social science content addresses early North American history from pre-contact through the years of the Early Republic in the United States.  Fifth grade history is a dramatic change in content for students because it is the first time in school that they learn a history that does not involve them, their place in the world, or their lifetimes.  The year typically revolves around the growth of European empires, it takes an east-coast orientation of the continent, and it involves a study of the thirteen colonies and the path towards American independence and nation building.  Some of the questions that students in fifth grade consider are:

  • Why did different groups of people decide to settle in the territory that would become the United States?
  • How did the different regions of the area that would become the United States affect the economy, politics, and social organization of the nation?
  • What did it mean to become an independent United States?

Between April and June: 

Between April and June, fifth-grade students might:

Lessons and Source Sets:

Age of Exploration (5th grade primary source set)
Slavery in the Colonies (5th grade primary source set)
Road to the American Revolution (5th grade lesson)
Road to the American Revolution (5th grade primary source set)
Common Sense (5th grade lesson)
The Constitution (5th grade primary source set)

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