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History-Social Science in Kindergarten

Parents: what your child is expected to learn in kindergarten

What You Need to Know: 

History-Social Science in kindergarten is centered on students’ understanding of their own place in the world.  Their world is concrete; it consists of the classroom, school, neighborhood, and people that make their world function.  Kindergarten History-Social Science encourages students to read, think, and communicate about what makes their communities special.  Students in kindergarten learn about class and school rules and goals; they discuss what it means to be a member of a community; they learn about symbols (ranging from stop lights to flags to national symbols) to give meaning to these rules.  A couple of the questions that students consider to learn about these topics are:

  • How do we live and work together?
  • What is our neighborhood like?

Between April - June:

Between April and June, kindergarten students might:

  • Write one or two sentences about national symbols like the American flag or Statue of Liberty.
  • Draw pictures that represent the rooms and spaces in their school. 
  • Read and write about people that help make communities come together and help one another.
  • Look through this set of sources about school safety (k.1)
  • Look through this set of sources about different kinds of work (k.2)

Lessons and Primary Source Sets:

What Does it Mean to be an American? (Kindergarten primary source set)
Work Long Ago (Kindergarten primary source set)
School Safety (Kindergarten primary source set)

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