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Integrating HSS, ELD, and CCSS

The Common Core State Standards & the English Language Development Standards acknowledge that history and the related social sciences cannot and should not be taught as a stagnant body of knowledge to be memorized.  When the three documents that guide history-social science instruction combine – the state History-Social Science Content Standards, Common Core, and ELD, – they argue for the integration of content, disciplinary understanding, and discipline-specific literacy development.  

Road to the American Revolution (Grade 5)Western Expansion (Grade 8) Tyranny and the Rule of Law (Grade 10)

The lessons in this collection provide a possible model of how to integrate the Common Core Literacy in History-Social Studies Standards alongside the grade-level content standards and the ELD Standards.  As such, each lesson contains a background introduction for educators; a question of historical significance that guides students’ investigation into the material; standards alignment for the state’s content, Common Core, and ELD guidelines; a bibliography of primary and secondary sources; procedures to guide educators’ instruction; student handouts including all secondary and primary sources, literacy activities to provide all students access to the documents, primary source analysis supports, opportunities for discussion, and writing activities in which students make claims of historical significance.

*Image:  Pupils Writing at Desks,  1944.  Photographer:  James Wong Howe.  Source:  Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley - Calisphere,