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Teaching the HSS Framework

New Programs & Resources to Support Framework Implementation

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*COVID-19 update*: 

Given the pandemic and the related need for social distancing, we have postponed our originally scheduled conferences. We hope to reschedule this series once conditions improve.  In the interim, we encourage you to check out our Framework-aligned curriculum and resources on our Teachers and Parents page and all the lessons on our Homeschool page.  For additional information or questions during this crisis, please contact us via email at

Online Framework Resources:

HSS Framework Questions.  Click here to download an excel spreadsheet with Framework inquiry questions organized by grade level.

HSS Framework Blogs. Click here to read a collection of short blog posts detailing what you need to know about the new Framework.

HSS Instructional Materials Adoption.  

Regional Site Support. Our regional sites across California regularly host open and school-based workshops introducing the Framework to local teachers.  to learn more.