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WCH Webinar Recordings

Webinar Recordings for War Comes Home: In Schools

Content Lectures

“Military Psychiatry, Combat Exhaustion, and American Manhood during and after War II," presented on September 22, 2014 by professor Rebecca Plant, University of California, San Diego.  View the lecture herePLEASE support this free program by providing us feedback

Kathryn Statler

 "Coming Home: Lessons Learned and Not Learned from Vietnam Veterans' Experiences."  Kathryn Statler, professor of History at the University of San Diego presentation on February 3, 2015.  View the webinar here and download the presentation PDF here. To ensure that we are able to continue providing FREE programming and resources, please complete this feedback form after viewing the recording.

Cultural Sensitivity Training 

  • Content support and guidance for appropriate student engagement with veterans and veteran issues.  A PDF of the presentation provided by Star Lara of Swords to Plowshares is available.  Click here for the webinar recording. 


June 20, 2015 Teacher Symposium

  • Teacher reflections.  Student work and recordings are available upon request at
  • Oral History Workshop provided by Dr. Cora Granata, from the Center for Oral and Public History (CSU Fullerton), can be viewed here.
  • Handout: Resources and archives for conducting research and oral histories on veterans. 
  • Additional resources can be accessed from the webinar recording. 


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